A range of applications built with Patterns AI technology includes:

E-Commerce Concierge

E-Commerce Concierge Fergus AI can be used to provide your clients assistance in selecting the correct product or service and the completing the purchase. This ensure improves the customer and their satisfaction.

Portal Integration

Portal Integration Fergus AI can also be tightly integrated to existing portal and workflows to provide an intelligent assistant. This can include applications such as navigation and analysis of large datasets ("big data"), workflows support and workflow validation.

Customer Service Support

Customer Service Support Customer support is a vital part of any business and FergusAI provides for immediate personalised support of your clients.

Web Site Concierge

Web Site Concierge Fergus AI web concierge is a standalone service to provide visitors to a web site a conversational interface to the content of the web site. This service is an effective way for visitors to quickly navigate the content and discover more about your brand, products or services.

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