Web Site Concierge


Fergus AI web concierge is a standalone service to provide visitors to a web site a conversational interface to the content of the web site.

This service is an effective way for visitors to quickly navigate the content and discover more about your brand, products or services.

For existing web site owners they can quickly integrate Fergus AI into their web site with a simple JavaScript inclusion (similar to the way Google Analytics tacking is included in a site). Once the site has been automatically indexed Fergus AI is ready to answer questions. Web site owners can tailor the user experience and get regular reports about the user interactions.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to set-up and maintain
  • Content updates to your web site are automatically integrated
  • Visitor interactions are can be reported and analysed
  • SaaS model ensure your software has the last functionality
  • Employees can quickly and easily check their familiarity with their web site's content

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Web Site Concierge